Thursday , 17 April 2014

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Pakistan to Deal with Grey Traffic, After 3G/4G Auction being held later this month

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom are all set to deal with grey traffic and after the auction of 3G and 4G Auction being held their licenses later this month. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority confirmed today that they will be launching 3G and 4G on 23rd April. 30,000 Mega Hertz for 3G and 20,000 Mega Hertz for ... Read More »

Two HP Executives Jailed for Tax Evasion


Two senior executives of the US based Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) have been jailed by The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on suspicion of tax evasion. According to a local English newspaper the FBR has identified the individuals as Shahid Ali Khan, Country Manager, Hewlett-Packard, and Saleem Raza Rajwani, Finance Director, HP. The two individuals were arrested through a joint operation conducted by ... Read More »

Nokia Brings 3310 Back with the Windows OS and 41MP PureView Camera


The most successful phone ever, the Nokia 3310 is going to be re-made by Nokia, the company announced today. Initially launched in 2000, Nokia sold more than 125 million units of its original Nokia 3310 handset. Now, the remake of Nokia 3310 will result into a similar design comprising of three inch screen, but with altogether different internals. Nokia 3310 ... Read More »

HTC Reveals its One (M8) Flagship for 2014


  When Samsung launched its Galaxy S5 flagship back in April, HTC promised buyer’s remorse on the 25th of March. As it had said, here it is the HTC One (M8) and yes, it still looks great. In fact, better than ever. But, will HTC One (M8) be able to defeat its arch rivals in probably the toughest battle the smartphone arena ... Read More »

The Avengers smashes into Windows Phone 8 with RJS


Last month Marvel Entertainment released the Windows 8 game Run, Jump and Smash, and now the game is landing on the Windows Phone store Shelves as the abbreviated title RJS! The superhero gaming title is an endless runner styled game that has you playing the role of your favourite Marvel Comic’s superhero. As the title suggests you run, jump and ... Read More »

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